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Frolic Solo Frolic Duet

by Maureen Farrell Design Associates Maureen Farrell, Principal

Fall Fashion Fairies reveling in Fall foliage as they sport nature's resplendent colors.

Photography by: 
Tom Benedict

Tobias Harris W.

About the Designer

Maureen Farrell
Maureen Farrell Design Associates, Principal
Interior Design & Construction Project Management

Ever cognizant of improving the retail experience and enhancing the quality of life in residential design, Maureen's extensive design, visual merchandising and project management expertise places her in the position to offer great value to her clients.

Maureen is a past president of Designers Lighting Forum NY. She has served on the boards of the Retail Design Institute NY and  the Resource Directors Association. As Director she ran the Store Design and Visual Merchandising Departments at Huffman Koos and worked in Design & Construction at Ann Taylor and Lord & Taylor.