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Gilded 2

by Experience Design Lab

TDC., Tobias Harris, CCO
Levine Luxury Branding, Pam Levine, CEO

The gilded box represents some of the best elements of the human spirit. Gold being the most malleable of all metals, has solidity, yet can be melted to liquid, but never goes away. Gold naturally recycles, adorns, glistens and lives on.

In a time of insecurity, the gilded box stays strong, a comfortable place for many to cocoon. When it's time to celebrate, even when instability lingers, the warmth stays, allowing beauty to emerge. The butterflies represent change, freedom, wonder and delight. Imagine flying free and feeling magnificent.

Supported by:

Visual Citi - Raza Manji, Director of Sales and Marketing

3A Composites USA - Alan Plunkett, Director, Retail Design and Sustainability

Photography by:
Tom Benedict

Design Strategy
The objective of our golden cubes and butterfly installation was to bring arresting visual merchandising props often seen in store windows, outside.

Evoking  a sense of surprise and delight, on the sidewalks, would inspire and ease shoppers to enter  stores.
- Pam Levine, Levine+Harris CEO

About the Designers

Tobias Harris W. Chief Creative Officer
TDC. We Design Experience - New York, NY 513 545 3560

Tobias’ 20+ years of leadership in Human Environment Interaction (HEI) design demonstrate his proven expertise in experiential design for global brands.
His passion has led to success stories for major national and international companies and retailers such as Coca-Cola, Hilton Worldwide, Samsung, Serta, Target, McDonald’s, KFC, Chick-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Busch Worlds of Discovery-Dubai, and Hershey Chocolate World.
Tobias is a board member of RDI New York Chapter. His inspiring speaking engagement for Sim Varejo 2017 - Popai Brasil as well as the Food and Wine Classic mark his accomplishment as an industry leader, visionary expert, and trendsetter.

Pam Levine, CEO, Brand Experience Strategist.
Levine Luxury Branding – New York, NY 212 305 6876

Pam’s practice focuses on delivering substantial financial results through brand building and repositioning, new product and service innovation, visual merchandising and creative execution across multi-media platforms. She orchestrates a customer/visitor experience that conveys a distinctive and memorable impression at every touch-point, from the environment to staff interactions, to marketing communications and more. Levine Luxury Branding works with a diverse clientele in retail, beauty, jewelry, architecture and interior design. Select clients include Cartier, Christian Dior, Disney, Westfield Malls USA, Tourneau and more.